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Had patted marry a few note that take
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Marriage gauze photography works group of change that devote oneself to photography skill and content to go up ceaselessly. Marriage is the continuance of love, marriage gauze photography works group of romance that the marriage gauze photography that lets you is permeated with classic poem and art, possess distinctive photography skill, you guide to enter optimal state in process of creation of a complete set of: Sweet, relaxed and do not break rigorous. Every link, every process, we are early think your tentative idea is considerate, make you the photography work of two becomes what essence of life is in charge of to make.

1, before taking a picture one evening decreases water, avoid eye dropsy.

2, be close to the bride before taking a picture to avoid to bask, reduce the decoct blast food with excitant edible.

3, take a picture the bride was worn please that day reach corset without aglet underwear.

4, take a picture to the bride wore socks of silk of color of skin please that day and be taken a pair of high-heeled shoes and comfortable flat bottom shoe, so that outside the dress when patting.

5, take a picture the bride did not go up by oneself in the home that day makeup, lest cause the worry of modelling division.

6, flower of the lane when filming lest change unlined upper garment,new personality should wear pectoral underwear that day makes up.

7, the bride blows armpit hair before take a picture except.

8, bridegroom shaves good beard in taking a picture to was in the home by oneself that day.

9, bridegroom is in take a picture to wore a pair of black leather shoes to take one Shuang Chunbai socks and black hose please that day.

10, take a picture to be carried please that day ferial so that oneself most satisfactory photograph is communicated with cameraman.

11, bridegroom of the bride before filming washs the hair clean please. And hair clip orderly, do not use any beautifying hair things. If have myopia before new personality films please 3 days not to wear glasses, so that correctional eyes.

12, film carry change of in an attempt to of two pairs of glasses that day, if the belt is invisible,glasses is worn, should in advance tries to wear and carry clean fluid please. New personality takes a picture in set when date, do not be late please, avoid to lengthen film flow time.

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