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Clever adornment plays the part of beautiful bridal spot (graph)
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  The passageway with special 1.
The another name for Ningbo that in bridal ceremony need has walked along does a few small ornament on the road, if the floret with bright verdure of a basin is placed in bright spring, asperse in the summer of sorching go up to collect the lovely conch that come to wait a moment from beach.
   2. individual character invites card
The batch with machine-made slam the door invites card, calorie of jacket invites to act the role of individual character design in your marriage, for instance palmy tree, pineapple or flower design, the guest that makes you people the extraordinary that experiences this wedding for a short while.
The seat with chic 3.
With of primitive simplicity elegant real wood couch replaces common individual and bridal seat, special on woodiness couch make some of colourful chair cushion, that meeting spurt gives out the scintilla of tradition and contemporary and perfect confluence.
   4. is built exclusive ceremonial stage
Build the ceremonial station that belongs to your wedding alone, OK and special design sail of cumshaw of a white, or it is the graceful yarn that uses gentleness and pure and fresh Hua Teng deck whole ceremony area.
   5. holds a flower in both hands wonderfully
Always do not follow a tradition, if be to be in intertropical area to hold wedding, let bride and a matron of honour hold a flower in both hands to change bright-coloured anadem; If wedding is held in the garden, can use what the grass in the garden spends make it a matron of honour to hold a flower in both hands.

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