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Beautiful head gauze chooses the bride whole strategy (graph)
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Head gauze, believing is a bride most the part that gets a person to fix eyes upon. Come how many years, people has been used to gangmaster gauze and marriage be equal rise; And appropriate with beautiful head gauze, indicative also happiness lives sweetly. So, choose a correct head gauze, nature also is Chongzhongzhi is weighed. We choose a program to cut for 3 paces:

01, choose an appropriate length and figure;

02, choose a likely decorative pattern;

03, choose the tire of an as can perfect as head gauze collocation;

The first pace: Find suitable length


The bride of alleged bashful, the one instant that lifts in head gauze gives a person the sense that admires with Jing, those who say is this kind of long veil. This kind of traditional veil is used at the face in bride of the cloak before saluting, lift veil by bridegroom or bridal father next put a hair from the back. Mostly the bride can open veil all the time after salute after be being hanged at the head.


Lightsome and comfortable short veil, suit to be not the marriage gauze of traditional and classical design very, be like gauze of marriage of form of end of close-fitting clipping, fish. Can add nifty and lovely sense.


Length arrives at the veil of elbow, phyletic and various, adorn convenient, can tie-in much marriage gauze. Elegant and do not fall convention.


The veil that length reachs finger tip is very welcome, have spin the effect of body form; The effect of the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics of fine gauze thin Man can be tie-in the marriage gauze of any appearance


Pull gauze of edge of a field, the most classical the most welcome head gauze design. Long long although the result that drags the ground is exaggerative, and do inconvenience, but only gauze of this kind of head can convey marriage completely all one's life person divine feeling. High modelling suits a variety of marriage gauze, arrive from lovely hubble-bubble skirt fit close-fitting skirt, can be competent.   

Different head gauze has its respective figure, arrive from goose egg form quadrate. For example, the head gauze of block face becomes square commonly, and short veil and the veil to elbow are goose egg form more. And the figure that becomes a tear to the veil majority of finger tip. The bride wants to undertake choosing according to the his face appearance with marriage gauze.
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