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The commonnest 6 big errors when gauze of marriage of bridal choose and buy
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Error one: Yarn of damask face marriage is better than gauze of gauze qualitative marriage

This is an a lot of accurate brides some errors, those who think gauze of damask face marriage is shown is more high, also appear marriage gauze itself has class quite, actually this is incorrect, the material of marriage gauze can show really character reveal different temperament, but marriage gauze also is a dress, it is to be used foil of the person, in other words, the marriage gauze with the face that choose damask or qualitative gauze is to want be fond of of the temperament according to the bride, individual to decide etc, some brides' long comparison atmosphere, perhaps like very the marriage gauze of simple but elegant, so gauze of marriage of the face that choose damask is more appropriate, but if bridal appearance is melting, lovely, lively, so gauze of marriage of the face that wear damask can appear too heavy, bridal spot meets occurrence dress and person incongruous circumstance, such bride suits the marriage gauze of gauze face quite, appear lively, elegant.

   Error 2: Winter marriage gauze should wear those who take arm

Accurate brides can think, from receive close, go hotel, marriage banquet. . . Person outside time is very short, the room is immanent winter air conditioning is a move, and add new people rage, cold scarcely is met. Of course, if the marriage gauze pattern of your pitch on has arm, as long as it is oneself are favorite good

  Error 3: Accurate bride thinks him arm, arm is thicker, think should glove is decorated.

The glove is very good marriage gauze deserves to act the role of, can rise to modify the action with dot eyeball, but, if accurate brides are the word with thicker arm really, so it is off base that choice glove will decorate.
Normally, the glove is ivory white or champagne, it is very shallow lubricious department, can give a person the sense that expands from the vision. If arm is thick,return the word of glove so, not only the effect that cannot have to decorate, instead looks appear the arm is thicker, and, the glove has very big flexibility, if the arm is straighter, finer, glove feels very fluent to the person, conversely, because stretch tight to go up in arm,meet, draw the outline of the line of an arm particularly exaggeratively, not good-looking!

   Error 4: Without the devil the figure cannot wear ceremonial robe or dress of gauze of piscine end marriage

What very much accurate bride asks to his figure is very slashing, in the meantime, everybody also is willing to show his most perfect pattern, always think can be encountered and sex appeal cannot be tried, piscine end marriage gauze formal attire is the feminine provision that is those devil figures, actually otherwise.

Piscine end marriage gauze formal attire asks to the figure actually not tall, what want you only is alvine not " buoy " , OK. Piscine end marriage gauze formal attire has effect of very good repair and maintain, formal attire of gauze of formfitting piscine end marriage, put on what can let a person show " thin " , at the same time design also can let a person appear enchanting and moving, very high, very grand, everybody mights as well try, perhaps can yourself imagines the effect that does not come out oh ~
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