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Marriage gauze is illuminated film 24 points
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Marriage according to, becoming beautiful woman of a photograph is bridal the brightest the most official record. You want naturally to make every pieces of your photograph photographs the appearance that issues you to deprive a person then. Professional cameraman, hairstyle and cosmetologist are to if where,understand most the aggrandizement before camera your advantage. It is a few experts suggest about what take a picture below:

1, remember wanting to make powdery bottom and neck place color of skin suitable: Choose yellow to give priority to tone render first -- avoid to use too pink or too the color of orange. If your skin is too busy not to have defect, but bottom of leave out pink, direct powder.
2, choose those downy neutral to make the same score solid colour. You can choose to compare the colour with your a bit deeper color of skin, such your cutaneous colour can compare bona fide to be mirrorred on film.
3, avoid to use very bright color in eye and buccal place.

Because of bright light energy very reflect your face ministry clearly each detail. And once not smooth, curt line will be very prominent on the photograph.
4, the labial variety that seeks a few smooth fact. Do not use glistening lip red. If the lip is drier, might as well use some of embellish lipstick.
5, remember the light outdoor always makes your face appears bleak. Use sun's rays irradiation directly, can become shadow and line. The light of shady place looks the meeting is betterer. Indoor warm light also is a right choice.
6, if you still want to pat black and white according to, pat colour to illuminate first, because these two kinds of photographs need,make up it is different. Colour is illuminated in delicate and subdued color -- elephantine peachblossom, pink, shallow blue -- the effect is better, and in black and white in illuminating, do not look at all. Colour is illuminated after be being patted, you use the lipstick besmear of nigger-brown, be in black and white in illuminating very bright-coloured. Attention: Gules, cupreous color and brown look on black and white negative some deeper, still be unbleached on chromatic negative.
7, the brow in be being illuminated nearly must be combed shape. If you want to fill,rectify brow, the attention uses eye image and not be underlined kind, such effects are some downier.
8, if the eye has some of red or aching agnail, drip in the morning that day in wedding special eyedrop, go up again next makeup.
9, if pick glasses to take a picture, should shift to an earlier date a half hour pick off, dent stays on nose in case.
10, hairstyle wants concise -- long model very complex, you will be very unaccustomed. The sort of will long hair pulls hair worn in a bun or coil, wear a few wavy hair, namely very the hair style that essence of life adopts. Do not use too much adornment, your hair cannot support a day.
11, if you are curl, do not leave too much gap in coil. This meeting makes your hair looks on the photograph very rare fall, although you actually the hair is very dense.
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