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Marriage banquet raises action: Calculate calculate who has not been asked
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Issueing bridal invitation is be incorporated by 4 list and become. Bride and bridegroom have list of a friend each, still have the list of bridal home and bridegroom home additionally.
The person that holds wedding decides can the amount of the guest of the burden, distribute list balancedly. According to tradition, if bridal parents pays bridal fee, if likely, the mother of bridal mother and bridegroom discusses how to allocate a number. If two families are old friend, and live in same community, invitation ought to deuce or the amount comparatives. The half name on at least two list is reduplicative, because these two can increase a few new guests,replace reduplicative position. But if two are not familiar with, their friend is not familiar also, the number of every list can limit that half number in oneself only in.

On the other hand, if the family lives very far, only a few a few guests are attended, additionally the family wants gross to allow only, can ask a few morer guest. No matter that one cannot take a risk, even if little is beyond the mark free, because always can have a few in fact,the guest cannot be attended. Should the guest rejected to invite, bridal mother can give out the guest that invitationed card a few more additionally not to come in order to replace. Time at latest should be before wedding two considerate a week half.

For the bridegroom of outer to the home ground, what should hold future is harmonious, the most important is the guest amount that realistically estimation can attend wedding from the other place. If bridal mother tells the guest that he can ask amount hind, he must endeavor not to exceed. On this thing, the home must respect the requirement of bridal mother in nonlocal one party, because they may not realize space and charge,be the element that limitation invites an amount.

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