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Marriage dinner is formal in guest orders a detailed rules
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Marriage dinner is formal in guest orders a detailed rules:

The amount that when ordering a detailed rules to want to be clear about guest of big banquet fete, involves amounts to several above, when ordering feast so, do not treat sth lightly, piao its are collect fees each reach service limits to should be stated in detail in black and white more, do not verbal commitment. It is to reserve feast and the place that the attention wants when writing bill of fare below: The dish type on menu, answer to be stated in detail, do not accept a few amphibolous words, if " steams maritime bright " or " Long Feng,volant " is waited a moment, want to order bright content. Holothurian or fim, porket is the whole body or part, all want to be stated one by one.

When reserving a place, the hall room name that places alcoholic drink must be stated on order, lest in the future the position too crowded or the chair also cannot be complained dispersedly.

Before ordering banquet, should decide a new personality to rest room, assure bridal room won't too far, too narrow, and be peeped not easily. Because new personality needs change clothes to fill makeup, spring scenery suddenly discharge bad. Clear state each to collect fees marked price, the mug-up before be like boiled water, cost opening bottle, beer, soda water, banquet and service fee.

Inquire answers to because encounter weather,be like before handing in subscription not when beautiful or unexpected thing cancel marriage banquet, if why is subscription general handled, still have whether should recoup a loss, cannot forget to ask for subscription receipt of course. Should be clear that banquet is counted but the amount of increase and decrease and the processing technique of the rest of feast. Budgetary desk counts what should consider a guest to attend rate, lest arrive when be not worth as a result of guest or exceed, appear the circumstance of a few awkwardness.

Fete is ordered when, want to have fixed arrangement to a master banquet, other visitor does not have special limitation normally, majority is gotten first with arriving first. Like choice marriage flourishing period marries, should order beforehand, especially a few popular places more should in advance is booked. Host of banquet of a lot of marriage can be guest to arrange the place beforehand now, relatives and friends is displeased as a result of ado when avoiding. So system the practice of a bit is to make up pew beforehand, allocate stage number, make guest enters his each, everyone is happy.

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