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Marriage banquet field books experience to talk
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1, generally speaking environment of high-grade hotel restaurant very air, but the price is higher and do not take to what good course, suit pocket to money takes the new personality of air seriously quite.

2, the public house that if be to take the new personality of feast quality seriously to be able to choose to compare distinctive relatively,makes food technically, can book a room additionally around, some hotels are ordered full 10 desks also can send a room.

3, the person that has knowledge according to individual experience and the service that get without the person of understanding are very different, suggest new people digs all close friends energetically, the public house is ordered over there the person that compares iron in the relation as far as possible.

4, additional, the person that must book through accepting in before two days when feast is about to hold and the hutch division commander that were in charge of a kitchen that day meet, send a smoke and a few candy, make a call, the meeting is better.

5, wine water can be taken oneself, have free parking space, have cake, sign in stage, the chair gets stuck, the notebook of sign in ah it is clear that the hotel offers these things to must ask beforehand, prevent marriage celebrate a company not to offer result hotel to also appear without this kind of circumstance.

6, had better see one end ground beforehand, some new personality do not like to look to irrelevant guest, have better disjunctive room with respect to requirement public house is big so, do not want time you want to lie between also do not lie between.

7, arrangement chair and 11 people are discharged as far as possible when asking a person one desk, because of wedding meeting somebody did not arrive that day, in case the person that be less than is too much, the chair is very empty very ugly.

8, wedding is best that day it is arrangement overall control charges a friend, want to report all cases to him beforehand, how many does smoke wine have, sudden state wants to be handled by him completely, avoid a clerk to say to oneself to open wine to increase your expenditure in disorder. And new personality was free impossibly also that day handle these issues.

9, if possible word menu had better be to search to know eater to decide quite, still new personality wants to prepare dress of a the daily life of a family to leave to be able to change the following day when the hotel, always cannot wear formal attire to go out.

10, normally one desk approximates wedding breakfast post of 6~7 Zhang Xi, if want to add,decrease desk number to want to decide before 7 days accordingly, and tell the desk number with wedding breakfast final dining room, also want beforehand to inform wedding breakfast at the same time that day note and will sign at the same time the preparation such as account of silken, book accepting a gift, photo, happy event, Xie Ka is proper.

11, proposal people of a new type wants in advance to arrange personnel accepting a gift to reach entertain, and hand in handle water of wine of check the amount, melon seeds, candied, cigarette and number of desk opening place.
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