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Marriage banquet field chooses strategy and note
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Be engaged before the banquet, should want to accomplish know fairly well to the following item first:

1) oneself budget
2) make choice of auspiciouses day
3) number of set good desk

Decided a few afore-mentioned matter, next, new personality should emphasize a consideration the following elements:

1) the site that selects corresponding norms according to the budget. If your budget compares insecurity, that considers the wine shop restaurant of economic material benefit as far as possible; If your funds is more comfortable, can undertake choosing in high-grade wine shop and hotel.
2) the position of field and traffic. Because marriage banquet wants to ask friend of a lot of kin to attend normally, the traffic issue of guest also should consider as far as possible when selecting site accordingly. A proper place should be contented " find easily " , " traffic is convenient " , " have enough car " a few postulate. Of course, choose as far as possible even compare close place in the house place that leaves authority. (nevertheless this are in Beijing such big city, carry out it is more difficult to rise. )
3) bilateral parents is right the taste preference of dish. If someone does not take hot, should considering to choose Guangdong dish, Shanghai dish, Taiwan dish to wait for dish is.
4) field is big amount that can contain visitor. Marriage banquet pursues namely an everybody gather, festival and lively. Unless have special guest, if rectify a field to be not done,leave otherwise, still need a bag, not auspicious. Must seek the field with a quite big the standard width of a room in an old-style house so.

Had the principle that these choose above, new personality can seek marriage banquet ground through the following ways normally:

1) the bridal space that kin friend ever had used. Listen to their introduction, personal experience is the most straightforward information. If all round the friend that marries recently is not much, still can wait in IDOIDO marry look more on the website, hear the netizen's opinion.
2) marriage the commendation that celebrates a company. They are the people with bridal and most contact, have the knowledge with more professional also more than Everyman to field. Can hear their commendation and opinion, may not must be chosen, but at least many choice.
3) the restaurant that likes at ordinary times. If the taste to which dining-room is special satisfactory, or it is favorite at among them decorate, service, also can contact those who ask the other side has marriage banquet to serve. Of course, below this kind of circumstance, ten million cannot be ignored make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot. Because marriage banquet follows common meal bureau photograph to compare, still have very much special demand. These item, must notice.

After having list of ground of abecedarian equipment selected scenes, what should do next is phone connection, gather necessary information. Here, phone inquiry has a few skill.
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