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Choice marriage celebrates company note
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Spring scenery is beautiful, arrive again marry wedding day. Marriage of Chinese work association celebrates Shi Kangning of industry committee total person in charge of something to remind accurate new people, bridal choice should pay attention to individual character, choice marriage celebrates a company to take a few heart more.

Shi Kangning says, people pays attention to individuation more to bridal choice now, forthright of means of wedding of pursuit of more new personality is lively, stress bridal affection element and culture intention. A few new personality choose the day of acquaintance anniversary to marry designedly, escape is alleged of day of auspicious of fine celestial bodies gather together bridal.

A few heart take more when he suggests new people celebrates a company in choice marriage. Want to choose those heavy credit to tell quality to the marriage that serves safeguard celebrates a company, look marriage the office dimensions with celebrate a company to have legal management procedures, certain, field is decorated whether to specialization, whether does compere have knowledge of groovy marriage common literacy, want to sign reasonable, standard, detailed service contract at the same time. If bridal compere is first class or second class, it is common compere or gold compere, bridal car which brand, old money still is new fund, marry how to if produce an accident,assured time and car that day, cameraman technology level how, kinescope time how long, cosmetic uses what brand, change makeup wait a moment a few times, want to set carefully, avoid to appear shoddy, wait for unpleasant thing really with pretend to be, bring a regret to romantic wedding.

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