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Marriage celebrate a company - service of service form detail compares on any ac
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In 10 years previously, the ” of “ important matter in lifetime of a pair of youths, full still look to sb for backing is worn the ground after running before a flock of close friends are busy gets together. Now, wedding is chaired, the spot is evolving into a new line of business gradually according to equal and specific arrangements, call it by a good name of: Marriage celebrate a company. Marriage celebrate a company to regard as some closer year a when just appear new thing, develop flourishingly in market economy today, enlarging its force increasingly.

Actually, marriage a major servicing that celebrates a company, if marriage car is rented,offer for the new personality that marry namely, marriage car adornment, chair emcee, photograph picture, take a picture, the marriage such as CD of the V CD that make celebrates concoctive complete set to serve, OK also the requirement according to new personality, for them “ quantity is ordered personally do ” each specific professional work.

Marriage of the occurrence that celebrates a company and people living standard rise inseparable, as the addition of income, a few youths to save energy, be willing to give the company that has professional plan experience to prepare wedding deal with, this is marriage an economy base that celebrates a company to flourish with each passing day. The Li Huijun manager that is fond of the marriage that be filled with the door to celebrate a company introduces, in provincial capital Shijiazhuang, serve to provide an intermediate complete set to new personality, general need 5, 1000 yuan 6, want high-gradely to get on 10 thousand yuan, least also want 2, 1000 yuan 3. In the business that accepts in them, in order to ask intermediate of the service be in the majority. Because Chinese tradition is used to, marry should carry ” of “ wedding day, because this “ gathers together ” phenomenon is more serious, some days should are one day 7, 8 pairs of new personality are offerred marriage celebrate a service, some days are forced close down go to bed. So, the marriage of ” of wedding day of a few “ celebrates a service to need to shift to an earlier date a few months are booked.

Because of wedding cannot make up for a gender, marriage the service that celebrates a company is about to accomplish post of Tuo Tie of meticulously, appropriate. In wedding that day, emcee is a very important role, the horizontal discretion of emcee, often affecting bridal perfect rate. A good emcee, should stress bridal individual character, emcee is not leading role, emphasize however roll out bridegroom and bride, bridal atmosphere foil lively, auspicious.

Outer a few cities, marriage celebrate appeared on the market the mode of management ” of “ umbrella type, namely marriage the mode that celebrates the collaboration such as the restaurant of building of shadow of gauze of company and travel agent, marriage, hotel, company that rent a car to manage. The market is celebrated in current provincial capital marriage, management ” of “ umbrella type just still shows clue first, if be fond of the marriage that be filled with the door to celebrated a company to get a few cooperation with photography of gauze of marriage of millennium happy match, both sides wants to be recommended each other, in order to enhance oneself service function. No matter still be pair of marriage to shadow building,celebrate a company for, it is advantageous without fraud.
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