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Choice marriage celebrates 5 notes of company
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Understand this company to whether be managed legally above all, have do not have business charter

Introduce according to industrial and commercial management department, operator must “ is bright illuminate management ” , it is to understand its again relevant technology personnel has the qualificatory letter that issues without labor bureau like cameraman, cameraman, these are the necessary safeguard that do good marriage to celebrate.

   Type of 2. phone inquiry seeks advice not desirable

As consumer scarcely should depend on a phone to seek advice blindly, marriage celebrating is a kind of special commodity, phone inquiry cannot understand adequately marriage the actual condition that celebrates a company. This and commodity are different, the commodity of same brand, the profit that operator seeks is different, the price is different. Marriage the choice that celebrates a service is such concept anything but, the actual strength of Tianjin major company differs very far, new people is sought advice very easily to take an error by the phone.

  3. Advertisement must be analysed

Current, concerned function branch is lax to entering the management qualification of this market to make an on-the-spot investigation, entered door bank is too small. Certain advertisement operator is right marriage the advertisement that celebrate is examined lax, also system of neither one management. Turn over newspaper to look, it is an a few wicket faces of smooth rice actually, also writing have marriage celebrate with the car a few, have lengthen luxurious car is waited a moment. Differ actually with these company business ability very big. Do not have reliable credit quality to do safeguard without management charter and economic actual strength, because this faces numerous advertisement conduct propaganda, the redo after consumer should comprehend its economy actual strength certainly chooses.

  4. To had accepted marriage the person ask for advice that celebrates a service

Consumer has from numerous psychology, when choice marriage celebrates a service, must ask relatives and friends more, recommend by them had offerred for oneself marriage the company that celebrates a service. This are very important, tell commonly, these companies have higher prestige to spend, public praise quite beautiful, management time is longer, all sorts of formalities contracts are perfect, collect fees reasonable also.

  5. Want real knowledge marriage to celebrate the quality of the economic actual strength of operator and operator

The marriage of an a piece of table, phone celebrates a company is ensured without economy, if do your marriage really,was bungled, repay ability is nonexistent. It is a foundation without economic actual strength, all sorts of commitment that also say on advertisement of out of the question. Have the company of some of small mill type, handle official bussiness in the home even, all sorts of formalities are not perfect, marriage any services that celebrate are ensured hard.
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