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Foreign marriage gave birth to a bilingual wedding fever in F
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I said "love you a million years", the coming period "LOVE YOU FOREVER", will be able to host a wedding than the average emcee earn 500 yuan. With the foreign marriage and more personalized wedding, wedding market has spawned Fuzhou The "bilingual master of ceremonies" such a fresh career. Fuzhou City Bureau of Civil Affairs figures show, foreign marriage in recent years has been in Fuzhou growth trend, only the foreign marriage in 2009 had registered more than 3000 cases. With the increasing number of foreign marriages, the wedding master of ceremonies of the demand for bilingual Gradually. With the gradually into the marriage age of 80, personalized wedding market is also growing demand, some demand for advocating Western-style wedding gradually. It is understood that the wedding master of ceremonies of the stock market in Fuzhou basic market into third gear, a common 300 -500 million, slightly better in a 500 -1000 yuan, 1,200 yuan Better -2000 yuan. Starting salary of a bilingual master of ceremonies in 1000 each Dollars or more, and more than double the normal salary of master of ceremonies. Fuzhou Shunya wedding planning agency responsible person, not only foreign wedding, now many young people like to do some personalized western wedding, so that foreigners dressed as priests to the new marriage, the price of the wedding than the Secretary General Miriam overcharged 200-400 yuan. Fuzhou Wedding Industry Association Pingfa Peng, the current bilingual wedding master of ceremonies Fuzhou no more than 5 people, mostly foreign language college students or foreigners, and is basically English and Chinese. But the interview, many wedding companies that some traditional wedding wording, bilingual translation had not, such as: heart to heart, of band roar perfect match and so on, literal translation would be "stale", can only paraphrase.
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