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Beijing Rong Xuan wedding wedding planning company beech tend personalized
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Recently, an interpretation of the "drama" of the wedding was held at a hotel in Wangfujing. A couple dressed in wedding dress, hand in hand into the "White City of Love," the marriage hall, so that on-site guests moved. According to the Beijing company responsible Beech Manager Li Xuan Rong, and now there are about three-quarters of the lovers are willing to choose personalized wedding. When the father of the bride holding hands slowly from the colorful fireworks in the way, the groom's eyes already moist. Chen said the groom, the bride he met Zhang 6 years, they think it is the blessings God has given them to the wedding, two couples find wedding in Beijing Beech Wing Hin companies, under the design of the planner, They held a "idol"-style wedding. Beech Rong Zhang Xuan company who introduced the wedding industry is more mature Beijing hot, wedding trend will become more personalized and perfect. They broke through the detention of the roses, tulips to choose different colors as the main floral wedding, "Confessions of Love," intended to coincide exactly with the new people. It is reported that the wedding planning company in the wedding business for decades Zhang, the pursuit of perfection for each individual, he attaches great importance to the couple's wedding will often spend a lot of effort to break new ground to the wedding. A few video clips, they are willing to spend 3 days filming. Sometimes make a good a shot to repeat ten times.
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