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How does the Chinese make preparations in the United States bridal

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No matter “ is poor riches and honour, birth, metropolis love, respect and take care of the other side, arrive dead to just rest no matter ……” is in holy cathedral, still be in majestic court, even if be,toast each other in what be fond of banquet, can read aloud think of this in the new personality of American marriage this is unripe not the marriage of change oath, the ─ of ─ of the first pace that begins their matrimony is bridal.

Student studying abroad, work a group of things with common features, new immigrant, ABC, these are in the United States air plant, the Chinese of knot legitimate child, it is how be prepared and run their life the ceremony of this important moment, how will do the great rejoicing day that runs oneself? See a Chinese how do in beautiful wedding fully.

City hall of bridal ” of compere of “ of of all kinds and judge Your Excellency

Come to the United States Xin Zexi 4 years of Wang Peng of half, be high big big northward boy, he be about to the doctor graduates, had found the job in Boston, can have never wanted to work all along slow and steady oneself, can use such word of brash ” of “ hurried ” and “ to describe his to marry. New personality Chen Zhixin and Wu Kailun, bridegroom wears the chic garland that husband's family Cong Xiawei smooths to be brought technically in side bride.

A month is less than after the work is certain, king roc decision and the cummer that had interacted more than two years are like Xiaoning marriage, cummer reads a Master in the university near Boston, also face graduate immediately. Wang Peng says frankly to the reporter, such experience “ is not his style, very accident, very actual, very happy also. Bow tie marriage proves the college city city hall that ” is on the side of Boston, after taking the receipt that made a few money merely, the staff member says to relative or friend are asked to do chief witness at a wedding ceremony in a few months, it is OK to the court gets a proof or perhaps hold spousal to the cathedral around.

Wang Peng and small peace are in the United States without what family member, those who stem from the job and life is fluctuant, do what wedding without preparation. Two good friends that he is helping Xiaoning and her early in the morning the following day arrived the court around, he is laughing to say, won't forget “ forever our chief witness at a wedding ceremony besides two good friends, still one has the rash driver that punishs sheet and a divorce but the father of infer son, and a few polices and lawyer. ”

such, before a month, in type of ” of interrogate of “ of judge adult with a kind and pleasant countenance chair below, they answered “Yes” and “I Do” . Like working to still compare sense of traditional Wang Peng “ to resemble performing the film ” , play the hand of a Xiaoning, majestic the knot on the court that again bit of humourous is in the United States is a couple.

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