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The United States married 11 times mad 35 years

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The United States helps China city 53 years old especially woman Aishenli returns this Ni · is a little girl when, the day of the great rejoicing that she begins to imagine her -- the marriage gauze that imagines oneself to wearing whiteness is on red carpet, marry the Bai Ma in the dream is princely. Be in nevertheless 35 years of time are medium in the past, she marries 11 times continuously actually! She and two men get married 3 times even and divorce among them. Ben Ni of 53 years old divorced with last husband again nowadays, become again " lone young woman " , ben Ni says, she absolutely won't at this point " be apt to stops be willing to give up " , in abandoning seeking life true " other in part " .

Marry 3 times with the 2nd husband divorce

This Ni is born at family of a priest, severe father prohibits as a child she makes up, wear too exposed dress, or have sex before marriage. Met 1974 when Ben Ni allow when marital Neal, she inspects him became an ideal partner. Dan Benni says: "Our union is a mistake, because we do not love each other, he is spent together with the friend very much between a long time, the hand was divided after we marry two years. The hand was divided after we marry two years..

1976, still doing divorce procedure when Ben Ni and Neal when, she knew Douglas of 31 years old in a bar, two people fall in love at first sight, after the divorce 7 days she married with respect to ground of without a stop and Douglas. Memory says Dan Benni: "Me when the night of bridal chamber just chooses and Douglas is the same as a bed in all pillow, conjugal night I am extremely excited, but after Douglas said acoustical good night with me only, breathe out on the bed breathe out to sleep greatly. I think he is too tired, but I just know he is without interest to the gender after a few days. But I just know he is without interest to the gender after a few days..

Ben Ni passed 4 years " clear heart few desire " the life, final choice and Douglas divorced. However after two people divorce, it how is important that they just realize the other side has in him heart. Ben Ni says: "Before long we resumed marriage. But after a few weeks, we restored to do not have sexual life again. We restored to do not have sexual life again..

Ben Ni and Douglas divorced again, she says: "I am extremely painful at that time, I like conjugal sense, like to awake in the morning the following day a man lies in pillow edge. " when Douglas request so Ben Ni gives him the chance again when, ben Ni was on red carpet the 3rd times with Douglas again. Ben Ni says: "Do not spend bridal night, he did not make any intimate motions to me, I know our marriage ended thoroughly. The 6th husband takes a gun to pointing to her

1990, after Ben Ni and Douglas divorce the 3rd times before long, knew Dwight of the 5th husband, two people fall in love at first sight, acquaintance 3 months married, ben Ni says: "Dwight is very brilliant. I think he is the true other in part in my life, he waits for me first-rate. " however after two people marriage 3 years, ben Ni discovers Dwight is carrying her carry on a clandestine love affair on the back, bennili left him furiously namely. She 38 years old is in place very quickly divorce man Si Tan was known on class of a dancing, si Tan pays no attention to the colorful history that Ben Ni divorces 5 times, two people held wedding 1993, but when the two people after 4 months produce conflict, si Tan is taking a shotgun to pointing to Ben Ni's head to say unexpectedly: "If you want me to listen to you, I can take a gun to hit explode your head. I can take a gun to hit explode your head..

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