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Little anecdote of common of marriage of folk of Hubei Shen Nong Jia

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The banquet is close: The bride arrives when the bridegroom's or husband's family, do not take the door directly, read aloud eulogy Zhu Wen by necromancer: “ wishs to answer female messuage god. ” reads aloud finish the bride just takes the door. According to legend answers a god is to express a bride in the woman all magical convoy fall, already arrived in safety, if let the woman's god continue to stay in the bridegroom's or husband's family, fear finding a place for not and make get into trouble, will protect female divine breakfast to dismiss so go back, as a result of earth family honour white tiger is penates, say “ avoids again so Bai Hu ” .

After bridal ceremony, the man opens wine banquet greatly, all night until dawn, the man sends the wooden plaque “ with name of bridal full name, number to do obeisance to date ” to relatives and friends even next “ rises plaque ” , in setting banquet hall, choose male 9 people and bridegroom are “ 10 brother ” , or say ” of “ partner man. According to " long happy county annals coils 12 · custom " carry: Man life word, common is competent date, multi-purpose word of gold of plaque of wooden lacquer wood is greeted close, eve relative friendly strains of music accompanied by drumbeats sends to, bridegroom of coronal father rate is done obeisance to get, the calling plaque that do obeisance to date. After long plaque, in the hall that set banquet, 9 people add up to choose boy bridegroom and 10, say accompany 10 brother, yi Yue accompanies man, and breathe out newly-married person for new division Number One Scholar. Be like a drinker's wager game:

“ flies off to phoenix the village follows phoenix subsequently to magpie flower of vociferant beautiful result reunions if really ten thousand all ages. ”

Seize a bed: Bridegroom is crossed when taking husband's family entrance door, want to use a foot to to step on cage of husband's family gate suddenly, come in order to show oneself to husband's family. After bridegroom bridegroom does obeisance to heaven and earth, want to stand up as soon as possible, go straight towards bridal chamber continuously, who to see sit on the bed first, say “ seizes bed ” . Who seizes a bed first, state who will be the host of the family in will living henceforth, namely whose power in the home is great. Sit the custom of the bed is male Zun Nv right, bed with in the middle of for the bound, insurmountable. But the girl that has calculation often sits on borderline, this stylish man is uncompromising also, outside squeezing the bride to the bound as far as possible, go. Bilateral each other does not let, be inextricably involved. At this moment if bridegroom is fierce open a bride to cover a head, the bride does not laugh by beautiful, seize a bed to end subsequently.

Mothering: After marriage 3 days, bride namely husband of in the company of answers mothering of a married woman's parents' home, calling “ answers door ” , no matter journey far and near, want to hurrieded back that day.

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