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Little anecdote of common of marriage of folk of Hubei Shen Nong Jia

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Greet close: Arrived get married get married this day, man organization greets close team to receive a bride, before greeting close team to did not reach bridal home, bridal home closes the door closely, there is kin friend of the bride outside the door, had arranged glib “ to bar the door as hired hand in certain trades beforehand ” . The man greets close team to arrive before bridal door, ignite firecracker, piping and drumming, festival, wait for cross “ to bar all right after door ceremony ” , salute to be born with first with bar the door as hired hand in certain trades you come to my come-and-go ground to speak of “ 4 character 8 ” , in order to show auspicious. The ceremony finishs, the woman just opens wide the door to give way. After the bride holds ceremony of parting ancestor, parents, relative, want to carry a boudoir on the back by slow pace of the brother elder brother's wife of a married woman's parents' home or younger brother and sister, do not have younger brother and sister of brother elder brother's wife should carry on the back by uncle aunt. The bride crosses central room among, rise in what arrange beforehand, fight or a pair of clear and decorous track keep on bean curd box, change on one pair of embroider shoes to the bride outside the gate next, this stylish woman is OK double foot be born, open a pace to set out.

Set out: When the bride sets out, by receive close round close empress or imperial concubine of the first rank (by the woman familial be chosen the clever and virtuous woman that the children complete in both respects that come out, couple is still living and in good health) guide, right now fluted rise from all directions, suona horn salvo. A keeper of domestic animals of deacon superintend and director of a married woman's parents' home can ignite the firebrand that gets ready already, to the bride all around cast, asperse next scintilla that be all over the sky, the prospective light that means a bride is bright, fireworks is ceaseless. The chopstick that as hired hand in certain trades to wrapping two with red paper by district superintend and director again next casts to bridal left and right sides, but everybody does not collect it, this means a bride to arrive after husband's family, the life that lives have ample food and clothing forever. District superintend and director casts the edge sings by the side of a keeper of domestic animals: “ foot steps Jin Dou quadrilateral square, the hand takes golden chopsticks 16 pairs, thereinbefore goes 8 pairs with me, jian hou mian gives brother 8 pairs, great enter some of bavin and rice. ”

Bridal start off, hit roric umbrella, wear roric clothes. Roric umbrella is to make umbrella of delicate oily beautiful paper, no matter Tian Qing rains to want to be being hit, it is block sunshine bounty not merely, basically be for cover up a scandal. Roric garment is 8 of silk collect skirt, right open a chest, big sleeve is placed greatly, old trouser legs, set up and down lacy. Bride on the way by a flock of sending close girl is clustering round, fluctuation cloak, people with respect to bouquets of flowers and piles of silks-rich multicolored decoration, dazzling, want to see fragrant look of the bride, it is quite difficult. Bridal close friends should reach bridegroom home all right after a paragraph of distance, bridegroom home sets fete of ” of “ cogongrass banquet during transit they, send after crouching in roadside to use tea in person, drop off severally, before bridegroom bride continues again, go.

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