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Little anecdote of common of marriage of folk of Hubei Shen Nong Jia

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In Shen Nong Jia in each nation, the marriage common of the Tujia nationality having a unique style, young men and women produces love hind in the acquaintance in labor, decide affection for intermediary, shoe with “ song the means of ” will order lifelong.

In the process of be passionately in love, unlike of earthy home children is other men and women of ethical young person hides love in the bottom of the heart, be ashamed Yu Qi ages, be without the feeling of own heart through love song however conceal the earth's surface to come out now. “ man comes purposely elder sister is intended, even if you are locked up,be in the case. Want condition only it is good that elder sister waits for me, I carry even the case on the back start of a race. ” and bilateral parents also is more enlightened to children personal relationship, take the attitude of turn a blind eye to: “ foster daughter should carry bowl oil only, dad Mom does not worry about in the end, fill channel to block water up why, pluvial ground is mean below the sky. ”

When young men and women chooses a target, just pay attention to appearance not just, more important is to pay attention to bearing. “ chops bavin to want to chop branch to leave, love elder sister to want to love character good, moral quality is good come plan is good, catch approach will play so that leave, lie between hill to call up offer a idea. ”

After both sides of male and female determines an impact formally, begin to prepare marriage. Marriage marry have commonly following a few processes:

Propose: The man asks go-between to propose to woman home, umbrella of go-between provide for oneself, express reunion, take a few gift from man home, to the bride's side, if woman home closes, express to agree with this marriage, express to refuse otherwise.

Admit close: After the woman agrees with the man's courtship, the man has rich and generous gift takes ” of “ character 8 to the woman. The woman tells the man unripe Geng Shichen, state this marriage is already affirmatory.

Demit year, pay a New Year call: Be engaged in those days cannot get married, must lie between the ability after year to marry, this expresses marital length, can live to old age in conjugal bliss, accordingly, arrived year ago, around, the man should send a gift to woman home to go demit, pay a New Year call. The woman is done 1- - 2 pairs of cloth shoes or insole and other gift make send a present in return together.

Choose period: Conjugal time is chosen by the man before marriage, choose auspicious day according to bilateral birthday character 8 commonly, send some of gift to woman home to tell each other wedding day again.

Cry marry: When the bride gets married, should cry marry. Usually, earthy home girl begins to learn to cry when 912 years old marry. In get married before half moon, by “ companion is married ” photograph is accompanied cry marry. Of get married get married before today, the bride's side asks neighbour girl 9 people, add a bride in all 10 people, after waiting for a bride to do obeisance to an ancestor, banquet is surrounded in central room and sit, buy feast photograph is accompanied and cry, say accompany 10 sister ” for “ . Song of the each other between banquet, bend narrates the favour that the affection of take leave of, parents fosters to wait. “ like 3 green lines kind long, hate to part with sister to hate to part with a woman, hate to part with a woman to come go the same way goes, hate to part with sister companion to play, good encounters extremely difficult ” .

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