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Meet Singapore new personality does not choose division of spirit of the traditi

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According to Malaysia " China signs up for " report, “8” and “ send ” homophonic, very auspicious to the Chinese; But this year on August 8, although just collect is become 888, but the new personality of Singapore foreign citizen of Chinese origin of preparative marriage is peaceful however respected and far! Just fell in the traditional Chinese calendar that day so July spirit division.

Think on Chinese tradition, unfavorable in the traditional Chinese calendar marry in July, because be married in this month very ominous.

Geomantic division Dong Nong politics suffer when visitting, say, chinese new personality does not choose to married in July in the traditional Chinese calendar commonly, and the solar calendar this year is very inopportune on August 8, just fall in the traditional Chinese calendar in July.

The person that seize property of marriage gauze inn discloses, many new personality do not mind to married on August 8 this year actually, but the apiration to respect parents, be willing additional choose wedding day.

Wang Andi accepts business affairs adviser of 28 years old " I sign up for " say when the visit, he is not very superstitious, but unfavorable in July to the traditional Chinese calendar married ideal “ would rather believe his to have ” , so he accepts the proposal of geomantic division, change to married on January 13.

“ marriage is life important matter, not worthwhile is taken joking; What is more,the rather that, my parents does not agree to decide wedding day in the traditional Chinese calendar for certain in July. ”

The member that carry out Miss Cai of 29 years old says, she also wants to married with fiance on August 8 this year at first, think a lot of people can choose this day to register, because do not think “ drives duck type ” to marry, so two people chose on Feburary 2.

Marriage gauze inn and hotel industry person divulge, although have sales promotion, a lot of new personality still do not wish to did wedding on August 8.

The traditional Chinese calendar July, the business of marriage gauze inn and hotel industry enters “ off-season ” commonly.

Miss Li gets Flamingo Bridal chief when visitting, say, had not received what should try on marriage gauze to make an appointment on August 8 this year.

“ the traditional Chinese calendar in July, our business is compared commonly static, big appointment has 9 new personality to be willing to make an appointment with us. ”

Miss Li says, can use this “ marriage the job that off-season ” and employee arrange next month together, was opposite in August because of the traditional Chinese calendar for the Chinese, as it happens is married good month.

When many hotels suffer ask, disclose, receive a few enquire about what booked feast on August 8, but very few person is willing to do marriage in this day really.

Hotel industry person divulge, although run sales promotion, still cannot draw newlywed person.

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