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See romantic French how be troubled by bridal chamber

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The French's wedding already traditional optional. General wedding is chaired by mayor or his assistant, customarily is to be in Zhou Er, 4, 5, 6 days, from in the morning 9 when to afternoon 5 when between. General French likes to choose to marry on the weekend. Such facilitating more relatives and friends people come round attend a ceremony. Recently, discuss the bridal and consuetudinary similarities and differences of French and Chinese with the person, I discover, the traditional wedding of France and China is having very apparent difference.

The most outstanding different depend on, in the process of traditional wedding of China, the man wants to hire gold commonly. When the wedding that I attend a friend in Taiwan, how much did the parents that often can hear bridegroom give to hire gold, entertain guests spent how many money, etc. And in France, just contrary: Talk without the person hire gold, it is the bride should prepare enough dotal.

General France girl, begin from adolescent, metropolis for oneself marriage buys sheet, bowl in the future dish, the domestic commodity such as towel, and, the charge of marriage banquet also must be assumed by the woman commonly. Accordingly, france has “ dotal the view of ”(croqueurdedot) of the person that gobble up, use at describing a few bad man, the picks family of riches and honour technically daughter when choice marriage object, as the way that become rich.

The difference with more outstanding another depends on the gift that the person place that is invited sends. Who is invited to attend wedding in China, should send a portion red package, and red bag is to have “ prices ” . Friend of my a France marries in Taiwan and Taiwan girl, complete do in Rome as Rome does; He says with the friend directly: They marry accept red package according to Chinese habit, what do not illuminate France is consuetudinary.

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