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The marriage with world interesting each district custom (graph)

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In Scotland, when holding bridal ceremony, the bride takes the door, she should cast one chunk cake to the middle of sky first, cast higher, mean marriage more perfect. If she is cast not high, bridegroom and domestic person are met downhearted, meet because of this adumbrative their marriage burst.

The wedding of American can be generalized for “ new, old, borrow, blue ” . “ new ” shows white marriage formal attire of the bride must be new, it is pure Tong Zhen is indicative, it also indicates the bride will begin new life. “ old ” shows the white gauze on bridal head must be the old yarn that the mother has used, express not to forget the favour of parents that foster. The handkerchief that “ lends ” to point to to be taken in bridal hand must be from the girlfriend there borrowed, express not to forget the affection of the friend's friendship. “ blue ” shows the lace that wraps around on bridal body must be blue, state the bride is right the duteous affection of love.

France a few places, the friend that oneself should be respectively before young men and women marries holds “ to bury bachelor life ” and ” of banquet of “ farewell before setting out, want to make a symbolistic “ bier ” , hold “ funerary ” , fete relatives and friends, again achieve dirge, burn the candle, hold An Hun to pray ceremony, everybody carries again bier sends garden, field to bury, or throw in the river.
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Be in Pakistan, newly-married men and women drinks a cup of knot to send wine hind together on wedding, should throw goblet forcibly broken, right now guests meet in chorus cheers: “ wishs you are happy! ” fragment cannot compound, indicative husband and wife never is divided, fractional Yue Xiaoyue is much, mean husband and wife the life is happier. Parents picks up a fragment carefully to send children, somebody even till collect carefully dies.

In Java island of Indonesia, because of local mice cause disaster, state authorities announces, the man should be registered marry, must beat dead first government of deliver of 25 big mice, do not grant to deal with otherwise marry formalities.
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