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Marriage gauze is illuminated place in which marriage sweet like honey

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The little family of conjugal love of husband and wife how can little my marriage illuminates a Qing Qing, do not cross you marry according to what position to put? Fasten carelessness, marry those who illuminate put the position to affect the relation between husband and wife likely!

   The sitting room is chosen to go up

The sitting room is the main room that the visitor welcomes in household, the individual character of general host is reflected in the sitting room decorate and decorate on, can see master grade from every little bit. And marry illuminating is omen of indicative 2 people emotive, general feeling is erupting period the new personality of condition, can like marry according to put in the sitting room. And from can area learns tell on angle, northwest just represents the man, southwest just represents a madam, sitting room northwest just hangs to marry photograph, in representing this family, the husband is spent to heavy visual range of the madam, perhaps state two people emotive is deep.

Just put in southwest likewise a piece of 2 people marry or the photograph when honeymoon, criterion the determined sex that more people that show this direction delegate inspect the other side to be lifelong spouse. Nevertheless this is a kind of idea merely, not can treat as the same, after all the kind that everybody expresses ego is different.

   The life illuminates Yi Ke

Do not put marry according to, putting other life to illuminate also is possible. Although live,the effect that take marries not as good as according to, but a piece of life after marrying 25 years is illuminated, still can yield the conjugal love when the person sees newly-married of husband and wife. The life is illuminated put in the family, let a person arrive alertly momently each other information, virtually increased marital use.

   Put beauty act the role ofing to taste

North and southwest just represent marital concern on the west, the article that beauty of a few delegates wishs can be placed in this azimuth, replace marry according to. Nevertheless the photograph of a few beautiful male belles still had better not be put, have let other in part love on the implied meaning of others, it is peach blossom of incur of the other side instead. Also have a kind of view nevertheless, if hope happiness of life of her children future is perfect, it is its to be placed on this azimuth inside the room handsome male beautiful female photograph, also can increase love use for children, get flexibly the fate brings lovers together oh.

   Appropriate of the head of a bed is placed

A lot of people like to will marry the photograph is put in the head of a bed, delegate of the head of a bed sits hill, sit hill delegate is fourth, xiang Shan represents water, marry according to put in the head of a bed, there is good emotional life between delegate husband and wife. Marry according to put in Xiang Shan, there is a lot of on money on behalf of 2 people association and pester, but the respect that this also has pointed to, represent 2 people feeling deep. Marry according to what cannot be put in the bed right, can carriages in learning, say right for “ Bai Hu ” , put in this to be able to be caused to marriage adverse. The Zun Fang that marries to be put at the bed according to appropriate namely “ Qing Long ” , can make the marital carry of 2 people is obtained add hold, happy and satisfactory.
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