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Allow 10 kinds of bridal and conspicuous kind
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Choose a concise formal attire concise and luxurious. Be sure to keep in mind, of formal attire cut out, the 3 gist element that the quality of a material of fabrics and outstanding handicraft are beautiful formal attire. For example, the bud silk that enchases pearl is added in collarband place.

Take black and white photo

Chromophotograph can record bridal particular case come down, but the soul that uses black-and-white photograph to be able to record wedding. A group of good black-and-white photograph can bring romantic essence in this kind of circumstance, and do not be colour abstracted.

Want to pay attention to detail

Be these detail, just can make prevailing party makes luxurious late dinner. Just think, when if should discharge the service of fine line to be born to the guest,supplying cocktail, they see be put in every dish when having pink rose leaf, can be what kind of expression.

Of the flower apply

In wedding, can use color close, or the flower with color close different breed will adorn. For example, the ornament that cardinal Holand rose adds viridian looks be like simple, but if collocation is proper, can produce first-rate result.

With adornment of a few unconventional

On the traditional foundation that decorates wedding with the flower, can buy a few good column form candles, color had better be mixed bridal thematic color is suitable, ignite in crystal and windbreak container, chic do not say, the warm wind of the candle still can make us more satisfied.

The invitation that human nature turns is designed

On wedding, what often can see whole wedding from the design of invitation is discreet. Suggest you fold napkin into proper form to load an envelope, insert card of a piece of welcome next.

Employ a quartet

Can compare without what employ in majestic bridal ceremonially a quartet more the thing of scene. You are OK the song that self-selection likes and the palm charges time, but had better shift to an earlier date one day to rehearse.

The member that wedding is coordinated

A member that have the harmony of experience can be handled ad cool-headedly before fortunately wedding is held or the sudden circumstance that in undertaking, appears, at the same time he also is buying the happy hand of flower, employ, price that holds the respect such as the banquet to had gotten.

Delicate dish

A good wedding should have the stimulation of a variety of sense organs, include touch, smell, vision and hearing, still have taste of course. Chinese meal still is Western-style food, the alternative that sees you, but dish go up together together, with different tableware, the Chinese meal that should compare ordinary 8-10 path course undoubtedly is refined much.
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