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Skill of ceremony of marriage Qing Liyi
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1. Do not want belly-worship. Bridegroom bride answers on bridal banquet much coordinate guest, let close friends had eaten to had been drunk, glad and come, satisfactory and go. Do not consider him belly-worship only, drink even excessive, on the spot drunk fall, that is too discourteous. But, if a bit wine is not drunk, a bit vegetable does not take, appear too cabined, nervous, this kind of way is not polite also. To the guest propose a toast, although capacity for liquor is again finite, also summary is added express, want to raise goblet to express our thanks to the guest at least, show the reason that cannot drink more.
2. Marriage banquet has regular program, bridegroom, bride should press primary and secondary ordinal propose a toast to every guest to each banquet. Guest general goblet should is with one's own hands when proposing a toast full, double hand rises for guest end, but do not importune guest quaff. After waiting for a guest to put down goblet, bridegroom, bride should say acoustical “ thanks ” , add goblet for the guest again full, just can be down a guest to propose a toast again.

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