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What does archaic newly-married husband and wife have before sex formal?
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Chinese ancient code name weighs formal state, because this has exquisite and formal standard everywhere constantly. " Tai Baidi of · of the analects of confucius 8 " child say: "Respectful and inurbane a fatigue, careful and inurbane fear, brave and inurbane random, straight and inurbane wring. " in mahatma first in the eye of division Confucius, "Ceremony " can common people of rectify folkway, Jiaohua, it is the large issue that establishs Guo Anbang. " Zun Chuan " Yi Yun: "Of the ceremony can think the country is long, raise with heaven and earth. Jun Lingchen respectful, father Ci Zixiao, elder brother loves younger brother to respect, husband and wife soft, aunt kind Fu listens, ceremony also. " accordingly the ancients is with the ceremony everywhere first, some people connect sex of travel of husband and wife to also want to tell courtesy.

Clear with 湉 " miscellaneous knowledge · admires Leng Lu to meet hard really " the cloud: "Lay the thing with the couple is Dui Lun. " Qing Yuanmei " child not language · Dui Lun " account: "Li Gang give a lecture of heart sincerity learn, have a diary, place act, occupy real book surely. Every and its wife copulative, surely regular script ' , with old wife Dui Lun ' . " the Dui Lun that tells among them is sex.

When Dui Lun of archaic husband wife, the man must ask for those who get a woman to agree. Dragon of bright Feng dream " pedantry ministry · respects · of Gu Jintan deeply touched wife " account: "Mood of Tang Xue prosperous and wife meeting, surely civilized look, first life amah is connected language repeatedly, grasp next candle is built room, gao Tanya is talked, tea fruit and retreat. Or be about to lodge for the night, say please surely: ' Chang Xu is weighed with adopted son thing, always is about to predict one fine meeting. ' await a cable but, just enter, the ceremony also is like. The ceremony also is like..

Clear game is master " laugh forest the wide corrupt that write down · sheds ministry · to make love " carry: "One scholar is married newly, midnight go to bed, ask to say at bride: ' I is about to sexual intercourse, do not know allow of meaning of honour of a form of address for one's wife to deny? ' new personality says: ' government-owned person from heart institute desire. ' person say: ' cheat Fu allow already, ask a form of address for one's wife to exhibit open humerus, the student is inurbane inurbane. ' " even if oneself wife, also absolutely not hard upbow of Xiang Yu the Conqueror. Husband and wife is formal have add, can make both sides easier find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, invigoration.

According to some historical data account, somebody apologizes to the wife beforehand even before Dui Lun, request to excuse: "Former times has some v/arc drillmaster 50 remarry after the death of one's wife, ... v/arc drillmaster top wears gown A Chinese-style unlined garment to enter a room, yi Shuangzhu at the bed before, help the bride up sit on the bed, its pants of 扞 of raise one's hand, divide its two legs, those who hold high, detailed inspects its illicit, nod gasp in admiration, remove 3 conditions then, respectful the person that bow with hands clasped to to growing 3, zhu Yue: Disobedient have 3, after notting have, be big, some is old, not negative now 蘀 dash forward madam, and apply reach private parts. And apply reach private parts..
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