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Attend marry, be engaged the basic ceremony of celebration
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Relay beatific intention the other side
Attend marry, be engaged the basic ceremony of celebration
* is received the response should be made immediately after inviting happy note
After receiving happy post invitation letter, should call immediately or be to answer case to give opposite party, did not forget to want to say acoustical " congratulations first " , inform again next attend, good let the other side can master correct attendance number.
Should write on the case gift bag that * congratulates on if congratulating
The sort of red bag bag is very much, marrying can be life important matter for the individual to, must grand and luxurious, must not forget to write so on if blessing.
Amount of * case gift looks circumstance decision
Be in Shanghai area, the case gift amount of office worker is in 500 ~ 1000 yuan between, and want even number, even and indicative in pairs is blessed rightly, most avoid 4(is dead) suffer from) with 9(, the paper paper money of case gift had better be new.
* dress should be worn luxuriously bright beautiful some
Red is most suppress happy facial expression, tender pink department also is right choice, as far as possible dress is luxurious bright beautiful dress is attended, dan Feng awn never exceeds a bride. Avoid to wear white dress as far as possible, because that day of white represents a bride; If wear brunet, had better match Dai Xiao act the role ofing to taste will adorn, lest too too heavy.
When wearing common dress:
① wears suit as far as possible or be foreign outfit, recreational flavour does not want too heavy.
The ② short skirt, skirt that reach knee or long skirt have different color each, it is the optimal dress that attends wedding.
③ shoe, portfolio wants and the case phase modulation of the dress matchs, had better be the department that be the same as color.
When wearing small ceremonial robe or dress:
Grace of ① pearl decorations is high, very agree with when attending wedding, match. Show the small formal attire of humeral type, deserve to go up scarf or adorn taste can yet be regarded as a kind of well-advised choice.
② carries small-sized portfolio, can put on seat, very convenient.
③ shoe wants and the dress is suitable.
* blesses He Yu commonly usedly
Of newly-married heaven and earth close have mutual affinity to always written guarantee homocentric hundred years add up to Yong Mu to love river day aing happy married couple to become very much hundred years grow old together a perfect match between a man and a girl of perfect happy match is the same as coincidence of predestined relationship of nature of a perfect pair of perfect conjugal bliss heart is homocentric hit it off perfectly god-given happy match lives to old age in conjugal bliss
Be engaged conclude happy match predestined relationship is decided 3 build the home only then Bi Gewen of an affectionate couple decides lucky the fate brings lovers together suitable Bai Shoucheng is fond of about order the alliance alliance with homocentric and lifelong vow of an affectionate couple to order happy match Xu Ding is lifelong
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