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Join the rule of jade of compasses of 5 big gold that wedding must observe
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  According to experience, 11 golden weeks, marrier resembles the bamboo shoot that is early spring, sent everywhere. The invitation that urges a life lets you when drawing out case gift, narrow-minded but a position is smoked,ache. Although you attend bridal feeling to resemble driving, but the family makes calm decision all one's life only this, or this is the last time, when attending wedding every time so, you still should be hit take care extremely, ten million cannot err, perhaps otherwise bridal bridegroom is about to write down you all one's life. Here summary of Hubei marriage net is the following at 5 o'clock:
NO.1 head give up: Scarcely should grab bridal limelight
All wedding are held, wedding belongs to a bride one day this forever. Connect another leading role, bridegroom also is her foil only nevertheless. Envisage, if you are on the other people's wedding, cut a dash, grab eyeball greatly, so you were finished, this all one's life is the bride's oldest personal enemy.
What wedding holds now is bos normally not on the west, the bride wears Western-style marriage gauze to also wear Chinese style ceremonial robe or dress already, was thought not to grab bridal limelight, having a few kinds of color cannot be worn certainly, that is the cream-colored series with very weak perhaps white and big red. Otherwise, sit on feast to often take bridal supercilious look, those big fish are big fleshy flavor is certain also won't very good. Of course if the bride asks you are worn, that can be become additionally do not talk.
2 give up of NO.2: Wearing casual clothing to be not rectified
This still is life important matter of the family after all, apparel orderly it is basic to host esteem. The dress of male guests is very simple: Beard ah Yong of fine clump of Ran of disclose of v/LIT an amphora-like jar of  of health bursa of  of E of  of Ji of earth of ⒊ accept basket makes fun of short for Weihe River of dispatch of emperor of the  that drink Quan swim Pu   knocks thorn hair on the neck of a pig short for Weihe River of ゲ of Hong of  of Quan of H of excuse me of another name for Guangdong Province of Tu Sao of ⒘  chloric cluck is right post dirty glucoside
3 give up of NO.3: Slanderous gossip atttacks a bride
Although you are bridegroom good friend, or dark love bridegroom to be not gotten, the woman that looks at that to wear marriage gauze feels this caboodle cow dung did not find bridegroom really a flower, but still be that one, wedding belongs to a bride one day this. Although family marriage gauze is worn so that resemble,be cake, although grow so that resemble natural disaster, wedding can be an open circumstance, can you decide all guest capacity that takes by you? Perhaps your tease falls into the woman in the ear of that kin good friend. Want to know to in pairs of husband and wife can be after the family, you this alien is very possible by the bride inside the good friend list from bridegroom eliminate, loss of for no reason a good friend.
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