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Fifth Hundred couple of years Double Happiness Wedding event started the Nationa
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The bright sun, the wind gently swinging white wedding dress; festive music, a picture of the smiling faces filled with happiness as if the air is sweet Jisi disclosed. Yesterday afternoon, the South Moore Square Performing Arts in 2010 ushered in "Hundred DHS couple of years," large-scale wedding and cultural activities. 30 on costumes, new people, enjoy the stage show talent, Bimo Qi, drying well, and the crowd of people who share the love share good exclusively. After fierce competition, and 10 couples come to the fore, and will campaign on behalf of Jiaxing to Shanghai. 30 on the new sweet debut Talent wise than the recount fight Audition in the light and melodious sound of music began. Poetry readings, belly dance, love songs to sing ... ... the new people on stage did her best for the finals and the final effort. Games are from a fitness trainer with his own girlfriend, Jiang Bin, double up yoga is a difficult show, soft lines and a tacit understanding with the judges and the audience immediately to the "shock" the. "We met because of yoga, friend to love, and love every day with exercise is the most happy." Affectionate ginger coach last confession, but give yourself enough points. A "Today you will marry me" is a pair of 80 out of a different flavor: Funny groom Yang Jialun exaggerated movements, so that the audience laughing. "To participate in this event, first, because her husband likes to sing, and second, we want you to witness our happiness." Tall Feng, Zhang Ting is the most recognized in all the new phase has a pair of husband and wife, they said : "to participate in activities designed to test the understanding about us, we are confident in the final of the finals." 10 on the new opportunity to go to Shanghai PK To win the "happiness Award" It is understood that "hundred DHS couple of years," large-scale wedding and cultural activities since 2006 has been successfully held four sessions. The event is still a continuation of the previous style, the Yangtze River Delta region as a starting point, and 6 cities in the country to elect 10 couples together the Shanghai World Expo, the final PK. "This time, not only in Jiaxing and Shanghai, Suzhou, Qingdao and other cities to participate in this activity together, but also the first stop of the national sea-election, shows the influence of our city is increasing." Secretary-General of the Kingdom City Chamber of Commerce Wing said he hoped the final selection of 10 couples, held in Shanghai in early December of talent who have excelled in the finals, showing the charm of youth Wo city.
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