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Marriage law will include old person marriage the issue
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Beijing dispatch our country has 1. 200 million old people, among them the old people that 60 years old of above bereft of his spouse has 45 million, and this number as our country aged the problem is increasingly outstanding and constant increase. Accordingly, " marriage law amendment (draft) " remarry old people for the first time the problem includes among them. But in the life, a few old people remarry to suffer the interference of children however, some places appear even filial force interferes parents to remarry. " marriage law amendment (draft) " putting forward children clearly to interfere parents to remarry is illegal behavior: Children ought to respect marital right of parents, must not interfere parents to remarry and marriage have a youthful look is vivid; Children is compulsory to parental provide for, because parental marriage concerns,do not change and stop. I accompany XEQ marriage of your one's whole life celebrates a net
A few old age avoid to remarry artificially the pressure that comes to each in the process and trouble, took the kind that blame marriage lives together. To this, " marriage law amendment (draft) " did not involve temporarily.

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