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Wedding services "through-train" wedding supplies "sell personality"
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Today is the Wedding Expo the next day. This morning, Keqiao International Convention and Exhibition Centre, compared to yesterday's work day, significantly increased the flow of people. Reporters on the scene, beaming in the layout of the exhibition hall, the basic display of the wedding covered by various industries, electrical appliances, wedding company, hi, shops, hotels, travel agencies and even wedding wine, so that visitors should see them all , "arranged marriage fair in every booth, usually a home for us all to understand. Today you can walk around in the halls all know, very easy way ah." couples Chen said. Wedding companies out of clubs, personalized wedding supplies in power In the exhibition site, the rain was very attractive club xi wedding. In the nearly 400 square meters of exhibition hall, including the bride dresses, wedding services, photography and one-stop service. "On the wedding club, all the wedding process are included in our package the sale of the company, rather than as a traditional wedding industry, the need for consumers to talk about a family, save money too." Staff said. In addition to wedding services, hi exhibitors in the candy shop on the move from the brain. "A personality, creativity, crafts, intimate products also give the new people's wedding pocketed face, if the wedding ordinary, and that candy can be a color more." Butterfly Hi Seoul said the staff shop. Parents on behalf of the blind the moment, "90" also get on early to blind Family came to visit the exhibition, a wedding expo is a major feature of many of the parents to give their children as "staff" of the. In addition, marriage fair site, also specifically added the blind date part, the exhibition hall, many parents came to the head. "My daughter said that today many people refuse to come to each other I'll take a look at the situation." A mother said. The reporter at the scene, many parents took the case of blind date, while the parents are not vague, not five minutes, on behalf of the children have exchanged phone numbers and copied in the paper. In the blind date scene, many of the "90" figure is also added to the ranks of the blind date. Promotional offers quite tomorrow, but also Choutai Jiang Wedding Expo will continue until tomorrow, all within the current marriage fair exhibitors have launched a huge discount means. LOVE modern fashion photography such as: marriage during the fair order in the photo agencies, and over 1,000 by 300 yuan, a thousand arts make it: marriage during the fair, the top ten free the bride makeup, "Hi Seoul Shop Butterfly" professionals such as home delivery customers on the show, and the "myth of the wedding" and also introduced a lot of discounts and other measures, some kitchen appliances such as the special is also very attractive. Reporter learned from the organizers, Wedding Expo tomorrow afternoon Wedding Expo site will also participate in the lucky draw of the public, when the person in charge of the Notary Office and the organizers will be present, perhaps you can take home a lot of dowry Oh.
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