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Gender: marriage "committed itch" timetable
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Lead: Marriage is a section covered with spines of caterpillars, the two continue to dawdle on the human body. Match wits with it. It marked the outcome of the first light of the sting faded, or do you have a sensitive first. 1, 3, 7, 15 years ... ... to give you an itchy caterpillar committed schedule, so you rushed to the moment it is still Instinct. · N <0: Communication / trial period In order to have a happy marriage, the timetable should definitely advance to the marriage, take a look, he is not you that "he"? Keywords: marriage motivation clear values Event: VS Shen Huan Gao Xiaosong met and got married 3 days of the fairy tale that finally they broke up 3 years later the news came. Gao Xiaosong response on the matter after the low-key, does not have any explanation on the reasons for divorce. Gao Xiaosong said: "We were a difference of 7 years old, love is only 3 days, basically you are just know to love, the passion when he married her." Symptoms: The two sides failed to factor in a marriage full of deep-level communication between the adjustment. 1. Married motive? Study clearly did not rush to combine to cause the problem is usually more difficult to reconcile the marriage. 2. Values, personality? Surveys show that in all the relevant factors leading to divorce, the most fundamental values of different reasons. 3. Marriage, rights and obligations of both parties? Only one chamber of love, marriage often lack the necessary obligations to consider. Weapon: If you have love and devotion he is, the first two minutes of calm, think clearly N the following things: Do you know his family background it? Do you have a grasp of harmony with his family? Are you sure you hurry to get married for the same reasons? Can you name a number of his childhood living habits to develop it? They are on your "adjustable and the" scope? Recently, a "character premarital" in Nanjing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Shenyang, Wuxi and other cities quietly rising. "Character premarital" through professional psychological tests, to help the parties understand their own personality characteristics and personality both complement each other, step level, which gives recommendations harmony. Premarital medical examination as a supplement, "premarital personality" are more and more concerned about the quality of marriage concern. · N = 1: run-in period Novice on the road, always slowly "run" for a while. Worn used to each other's habits, which soup was "gurgle" get up. Keywords: Background habits to adapt to each other Event: Yong VS Yin Lichuan married last September before the "magic rock three heroes," one writer Yong and Yin Lichuan divorce earlier this year, 4 months, the marriage ended. Both low-key reaction, is widely believed they are not suitable for marriage, might soon find that the marriage will only tied the hands of both parties. Symptoms: a period of adjustment usually apparent conflict on the living habits: such as work schedules, personal habits, tastes light and heavy, the concept of time, and so almost all the details of life, need adjustment, "and in." Weapon: just married the two people actually go through a "first good roommate" in the process, that the two men how to run all the small details of life, willing to refuse to adapt to each other. This is just check with the university's dorm roommates have similar live with nature. Only college roommate, you may be able to "turn a blind eye", but he wanted but could not help but correct. Can prepare a balance between the two sides of the new rules, to neutralize the two different habits. · N = 3: Separation of Men and women "time difference" Marriage to a "separation of" the question of the nature of step, but also led to a major culprit for their spouse. Men and women doing things in different ways, resulting in sexy Perception. Men can divide and place on a lot of things, so he may still angry on the moment, the next moment will gentle with his wife. This just may be more enraged wife. Women are emotional animals, calling for "unity of nature", the rhythm is slow, "time poor" objective, to the mutual understanding rather than blame. The national economy to a soft landing, and marriage have a soft landing. Lennon Lennon when you began to face my worldly life, hopeless romantic is this GAME OVER, was able to continue leading a poor Youyanjiangcu tea as the most romantic thing? Key words: values, communication and responsibility for chores Event: Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Hollywood VS the classic "golden couple" fairy tale was finally broken. Jennifer has experienced a serious lack of growth in the emotional sense of security flaws, "Do you want children," the contradiction between the concept of life, and Angelina Jolie's involvement, several of their leading cause of divorce. Jennifer said: "In many cases, we will change it difficult to adjust to each other," "The only reason is that we have changed, we can not control this change. But we all best efforts to adjust to each other's changes." Symptoms: 1. In the test of the specific incident of deep values, there is a conflict, widening the emotional distance, similar to the psychological "divorce period." 2. Will be formed in the parental home into the new family emotional conflicts, the old conflicts continue to affect the new relationship. Weapon: 1. Values, but certainly not easy to reconcile the need for communication. "Acceptance" and "tolerant" solution is necessary. 2. In the form of mental disorder-parent families, emotional problems can tells Doctor for ease, so as not to affect existing homes. · N = 7: "The Seven Year Itch" The famous "seven year itch", but caterpillars of marriage lightly shaking a bit, married for seven years All of a sudden a couple of people to fall apart? Marriage, where the soft underbelly of the most vulnerable? Is a bitter one can not help others, or can not stand his gently let go? Key words: deep-seated contradictions hate the old passion Event: "Hands" (TV 1999), is simply "The Seven Year Itch," the standard textbook. Their careers to concentrate on his wife and family do not appreciate her husband, communication and common language less and less involvement of another woman, passion unsustainable, and the circle of cause and even less common ground, be mentioned that in front of you to Information alert. Symptoms: 1. Vulnerable to external problems. Has been very good on the surface but the internal lack of passion, which is easy to break through external stimulation of marriage, there affair. 2. On the children's education led to the concept of conflict is the contradiction Fuqifanmu focus. 3. Center of life imbalance, not the same, very little communication and exchange, and discord. Weapon: 1. To maintain the necessary communication, often talk about their work and maintain mutual understanding and strengthen family cohesion. 2. Better have some common friends, or with some friends in gathering the intersection of manufacturing life. 3. Not too many of my colleagues talking about heterosexual family life, which often mislead the other side. 4. The child's education, not divided on the issue, the focus should be to choose the most suitable for children which side of the road rather than "victory." Within marriage, marital relations triangular relationship is the "third party" from within the family, that child to be hidden in the "third party." This is because some people subconsciously want to achieve through the child has not reached expectations and feelings of self-expectations, his mother will be a lot of affection toward his son, the father is overly concerned with her daughter, such a radical sentiment also affects the family normal emotional exchange. · N = 10: confused period The development of things may not always satisfactory, heart sky high life than thin paper is common. Between husband and wife "height difference" how to reconcile? In fact, only in the idea away. Who climbed the hill, who lived in the hillside break? Marriage is like a mountain, who is on his way quietly spread their hands? Keywords: personal growth imbalance learning blame husband Jour Event: "ten years of marriage" (TV 2004), after another decade of growth and Han Meng went through all the time on the "typical incident." The two men since I am always in your career down. Grow gradually with the competent and the work of the partnership have feelings, memories and sweet enough to maintain the passion. Break occurred in the subtle differences. Symptoms: 1. Personal growth imbalance. Because of their career opportunities and ability differences, the two sides in world view, values, social circles and concern at the level of differences appear. Psychological research shows that satisfaction of personal growth and happiness is directly related to the degree of awareness. 2. Career, love, the children share the balance in life: leading to the necessary exchange of feelings were wearing thin, inside and outside of marriage faced attack from the deep crisis. Weapon: 1. To keep themselves psychologically after marriage requirements for continued personal growth. Relegated to the family, especially after the half-way to maintain more contact with the outside world, and constantly update our concepts. Always pay attention to personal growth, not difference appears to be no constructive "resentment husband Jour." 2. Both the concept of love may change, without completely consistent, it is important to maintain a sense of emotional exchange, so that they always have the intersection of the growth. 3. This time the key is to find the family a good balance between inside and outside. Do not the other. Such as business-type woman, but also with the heart of the pleasant family life, not his family chat, get along easily interrupted or leave. · N ≥ 15: adolescence experience menopause In his young face, the visible signs of his old youth. Those rebellious youth bent style, not that of his previous years? Time is a circle. Your adolescence is how long ago. If you forget the mood at the time, how much regret that Keywords: middle-aged adolescent children Event: "Desperate Housewives" (TV, 2005, USA) model Brigitte is the perfect housewife, dedicated wife, mother. Treason can be unruly son, that she worries a lot of trouble Rexia heavy. Unexpectedly, the husband and son are the "same country", do not think his son is wrong, still separated when buying a car, "bribery" son. Bree really think the whole world to unite against her. Symptoms: menopause hit puberty in the life stress, fast-paced society today, early menopause, early child development are 11 to 12 years old entered puberty a few, some couples are contradictions in the process of educating their children continue to show, not handled properly will influence their emotions, and even cause the couple divorced. Weapon: 1. Emotional time, more than look at yourself. If you feel the world is not right, then wrong is certainly not the world. 2. Necessary assistance counselors to do family therapy is a very good idea. 3. From a child to pay attention to parent-child relationship the child adjustment is also an effective way to prevent intensification of contradictions. Enough is enough concern for the child's life, do not try to completely control all aspects of child development. A normal marriage and family, in fact, mixing up the days of daily necessities. Perfect love life is only in fairy tales, real life there will be a lot of rough. Your marriage committed "itch" yet? Identify the tools for you above, "scratched" it!
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