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Century building better edge enabled marriage portal
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Century, well-known good dating websites have a large margin of action to enable the international domain name Shuangpin wedding industry portal built Wedding magpie network. According to reports, the site features information on strong; highly interactive; both entertaining, practical, and service. Goal is to provide the perfect brand image display, to provide consumers with a wealth of information, professional advice, a wedding industry and consumers to interact and exchange the most direct and effective channels and platforms, to create the industry authority, leadership, high-end, stylish wedding websites. Wedding magpie network logo on the "Age of good margin," the words good margin in the century, the right of navigation also have Xi magpie network links, with good margin century, known in the industry, Happiness magpie network users should be more easily accepted and recognition. I love name through the whois tool to check that, also belongs Wedding magpie net, belong to a company called "Magpie" the textile industry. Solely from the domain point of view, is a good Larry, the magpie is the Chinese people are more familiar with a bird, the site named "Happiness magpie network", that is homophonic magpie, but also highlight the wedding industry, the characteristics of married , is more appropriate. The specific price of the domain name is unknown, but the current market conditions to the domain name should not be too cheap.
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